Dying Breed - a kind of person that is slowly disappearing

Dying Breed simply put represents the common person. “We the last of a Dying Breed”. The individual(s) that go out into the world and do the shit they want. Ranging from the person who takes the bus everywhere cuz it only costs £1.50 (shoutout Sadiq Khan) but at the same time he’s wearing the latest Jordan 1s. To the person who goes to university to study law but bumps SL’s Gentlemen on the way home. Kids who are just tryna have fun. Elders who are just trying to survive in this world by earning a pay cheque. Overall the people who think for themselves and do what they want without any outside interference or push back. Not caring about anything you don’t actually like. The brand stemmed from Biker culture and togetherness they signify. DB pushes people to communicate with each other, say it with your chest what you feel even if it isn’t positive but you’ll know it’ll help them. Help each other and loud your peers accomplishments...